Thursday, April 17, 2014

Committee Profile: Cultural Arts

What does your committee do? 

We promote all forms of art in the Town

What do you enjoy about serving on your committee? 

Getting the town together in the summer to listen to the concerts and enjoy a picnic dinner.  Getting to know our local artists, musicians and authors.  Facilitating art shows for the community to enjoy.  Seeing cross-generations enjoying what PV has to offer in the way of the arts.

Are there any projects that your committee was involved in that you're particularly proud of?

We did a wonderful art show at the Priory with our local artists a few years ago.  We had the School House quilts that were in the windows restored and hung inside.  We host a wonderful Holiday craft fair in December that everyone looks forward to.  We also had the children's tiles restored for future enjoyment.

What issues do you foresee coming before your committee in the next fifty years?

We need new members.  We'd love to have some artists on our committee.

What role will your committee play in the future of Portola Valley?

We see ourselves providing opportunities and events for the community to enjoy around the arts.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

50-Year Residents Celebrate Portola Valley Together

We are an impressive group of people in this room today.

We are 50 year residents of Portola Valley. Many of us moved to this small tow around the time it was incorporated—1964. Some were already here. Certainly, the lands of Portola Valley didn’t need us to make it more beautiful. Our talent was to keep it that way.

Just by living here, raising our families here, sending our children to school here, we have tailored Portola Valley to be what it is today. And just as importantly, our collective interest have given Portola Valley its unique personality and character.

We’ve done our job well—fifty years. We have struggled with a changing environment. We agree, disagree, and then agree to disagree—but I believe in the end, we continue to keep our collective eye on the ball.

We in this room know that this is a special place to have spent some of our years. Now we are a larger population, have more challenges and there are new people to help define our future. 

We 50-year residents have taken our place as the cornerstone of our town. We have had our collective influence on our journey to the future. And we can all take pride in our participation. 

—Sue Crane 

See more in the San Jose Mercury News!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Bird Field Day - 4/6

Meet at the Old School House  
Hike will begin at 9 AM
Bring water, binos and good hiking shoes or boots  
The hike will be about two miles with only a few hundred feet of elevation gain  
Town Center to Windy Hill parking
Loop of Spring Ridge and Betsy Crowder trails  

Return to town center about 11:30 to look at bird specimens

Monday, March 31, 2014

Watershed Talk April 4

Celebrating the 50th
Come to the Portola Valley Library
Any day in April
To honor out creeks

On April 4th come creekside
and share stories of the creeks
A great fan of those waterways
Matt Stoecker will love to share stories.

3:30  Creekside   PV Library

Thursday, March 27, 2014

What I Love About PV: Garden Share

What I love About Portola Valley: The garden share and anywhere where kids make garden truffles--which are really seed bombs.
--Danna Breen

Garden Truffles

Truffle Maker

for info on the Portola Valley Garden Share, contact Rebecca Arora: rebecca at

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Why I Volunteer: Yvonne Tryce

As a native of the Peninsula, I grew up in Millbrae exploring the creeks and picking wildflowers on the open slopes.  Summers I spent at Girl Scout camp in the redwoods of Big Basin.  I loved this beautiful area; and, at our local university, I majored in Biology, with the teaching credential coming much later.  Therefore, it is probably clear why I have been so involved in trying to preserve Portola Valley’s natural environment and teach others, especially our children, about its wonders and how they can enjoy and protect it.  Now my goal is to again see Portola Valley have a nature center for sharing the natural beauty, unique geology, and amazing plants and animals of this great place.

  • Following is how one volunteer activity led to another: 
  • Helped start a Ranger Rick club
  • Led Brownie and Girl Scout troops and directed day camp
  • School parent volunteer to teach science
  • E.C.E. chair focused on obtaining science curriculum for early grades
  • Grant writer for PV schools including seven for which I was Project Director, included: SMILE (Science Museum Involving Local Experts)
  • Started teaching nature and science classes at Town Center in a nature center
  • Joined Cultural Arts Committee which was focused on uses of Town Center
  • Nature and Science sub-committee evolved into Nature and Science Committee
  • Encouraging the use of MROSD Hawthorns with its creek, meadows, groves and existing buildings for a Nature Center along with other uses.   

Monday, March 24, 2014

50-Year-Resident Party

As part of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the incorporation of Portola Valley, all 50-year residents are invited to a festive gathering. It will be an opportunity to reminisce, reconnect with old friends, and have photos taken. Please join us!

When: Thursday, April 3, 2-4 pm
Where: The Sequoias Lounge

RSVP: Nancy Lund, 851-1072 or nlund at

A van will circulate from the Sequoias lower parking lot.